About Cutee

Cutee from Good Buy soaps and Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, was a novel idea that sprouted in the year 2007 from the mind of its Managing Director Mr. K. P. Khalid, who has done his Business Management and is a veteran in the field of soap manufacture for many years. He spent many years with leading brands of soaps and detergents and subsequently ventured into own manufacture under the full support of the Principals with whom he had worked earlier. Today, Good Buy also manufactures in their various plants, soaps and cleaning products for those leading Brands. Equipped with the expertise of qualified and experienced management and staff, the business acumen of GOOD BUY extends over many and varied areas of activity thus affording the customer easy access to product and satisfaction through performance. The standard of service is set, with the aim not to compete, but rather to concentrate with undivided attention on executing every assignment related to product development and then leave the customer to compare the end results. The prime expected returns we envisage is total satisfaction of the customer in terms of value addition to money spent. Thereafter, there has been no look back and Good Buy has been on the successful growth path registering a highest growth in the year 2014 - 2015. Good Buy at present reached above 14 Ton per day manufacturing capacity.

Cutee the Beauty Soap

CUTEE - With the success of the launch of a new round soap in four seductive fragrances “White Zaffron”, “Silky skin”, “Sandal” & “Olive Sona” that has now become a craze among youngsters [In a short span of time, sales for this product has exceeded one million pieces a month], Good Buy has also launched four more fragrances, “Papaya, Haldi Manjal, Herbow & Gulfee Oudh”

Cutee Benefits

Cutee Soap harnesses the best of nature to provide safety and protection to your skin, and that's why Cutee Soap has stood the test of time as a component of the wisdom mother's pass on to their family to save the money. Cutee Soap does not merely cleanse your skin, it purifies it.