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Cutee White Zaffron Soap

White Zaffron

Soft on the skin,making it supple and moisturized,and leaing your body with an amazing smell and a golden glow- these are just some of the promises of Cutee White Zaffron Soap Experience it!

Cutee International Soap

Cutee International
The Pure White Soap

A thorough body cleanser that retains the skin's moisture balance.Cutee International Pure White Soap gives you softer,smoother and more radiant looking skin.

Cutee International Green Tea Aroma

Cutee International
Green Tea Aroma

Natural freshness for your skin,with the goodness of green Tea aroma-free from animal fat-Introducing Cutee Green Tea Aroma.

The best Sandal oil Soap


Made with the aroma of Sandal oil Cutee Sandal Soap cleanses,nourishes and rejuvenates your skin leaving it with an enchanced texture and a brighter tone.

Best soap for dry and flaky skin

Pappaya Fruit Mix

Cutee Papaya Fruit Mix Soap has powerful exfoliating properties that makes it deal for removing dead skin cells and nourishing dry and flaky skin

Buy Cutee Gulfee Oudh Soap Online

Gulfee Oudh

Cutee Gulfee Oudh, infused with the soothing fragrance and aroma of Arabian Oudh,gives you a relaxing and refreshing bathing experience, and a lasting sweet scent of pleasantness.

Buy Cutee Herbow Soap Online


Cleanse, nourish and tone your skin with the goodness of herbs presenting Cutee Herbow Soap. This ensures a deep cleanse and is also very mild on the skin, resulting in lasting freshness.

Buy Cutee Haldi Manjal Soap Online

Haldi Manjal

The essence of turmeric lightens skin, reduces skin pigmentation and has antiseptic properties. Cutee Haidi Manjal combines all this goodness to provide soothing care for your skin.

Buy Cutee Oliva Sona Soap Online

Olive Sona

Enriched with Olive oil,Cutee Olive Sona Soap softens the skin an moisturizes it, leaving it with a radiant glow!

Buy Cutee Sliky Soap Online

Silky Skin

Cutee Silky Skin hydrates the deepest skin cells with its advanced formula. It nourishes and nurtures your skin,leaving it soft and supple.

Buy Cutee Milso Soap Online


India's first beauty soap with the goodness of goat milk. Legends claim that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, famed around the world for her beauty, bathed in goat milk and honey. MILSO captures the essance of this time kept secret and presents it to you- to care your skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

Buy Cutee Lavender Soap Online

Lavender Bloom

The natural fragrance of pure Lavender forms the enticing aroma of Cutee Lavender Bloom. it soothes and exfoliates your skin leaving it softer,cleaner and brighter.